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Disposable | Blueberry
9,99 €

Disposable | Blueberry

POD | Peppermint
9,99 €

POD | Peppermint

E-Liquid | Lemon
9,99 €

E-Liquid | Lemon


with 0 mg & 20 mg


RØG ONE is the modern solution for uncomplicated vape enjoyment. For explorers, for switchers, for trendsetters, for connoisseurs - and always for a maximum vape experience without fire, smoke or smoke smell. Thanks to powerful battery RØG ONE are always heated to the ideal temperature. This allows the fullest flavor to unfold, puff by puff.

RØG ONE is the perfect companion. With its compact, high-quality design, it is always ready to hand and ready to use. One RØG ONE contains enough liquid for up to 700 puffs and offers full power for many, many moments of enjoyment - wherever, whenever.

Experience the variety of RØG ONE!

RØG ONE - Your e-cigarette online store

Whether you are a beginner, a switcher or just a connoisseur - in our e-cigarette store you are guaranteed to find the right e-cigarette. Choose from 13 different disposable e-cigarettes with the best ready-made liquids. From the best fruit liquids, such as our cool Apple Ice-Mix, to the full-flavored pleasure of Cola, to the original taste of Tobacco. Feel free to click through our assortment and find the right vape experience for you. By the way: We are always trying to expand our product variety around the e-cigarette. It is therefore worthwhile to regularly visit the online store of RØG ONE.

Your advantages to order e-cigarettes online at RØG ONE

Can it be more convenient than buying the best e-cigarettes directly online? Hardly! Not only that you can choose from high-quality premium liquids from RØG ONE at your leisure. Your order will also be delivered to you free of charge from a shopping cart of € 50.00. The following advantages of the pre-filled RØG ONE disposable e-cigarettes will also convince you:

• perfect temperature for fullest aroma development

• ready for immediate use at any time

• up to 700 puffs per disposable e-cigarette

• without pressing a button to start steaming immediately

• unique, high quality design

• no refilling, loading or reloading or other adjustments

Disposable e-cigarettes for beginners & switchers

The disposable e-cigarettes from RØG ONE are ideal for beginners. They are also a flavorful alternative to conventional filter cigarettes. No wonder that more and more people are opting for the delicious flavors of the electronic cigarette. With a nicotine content of 20 mg/ml and 2 ml liquid content, you will experience an intense, long-lasting vapor pleasure with RØG ONE that you won't want to miss. Switching from tobacco products to e-cigarettes has never been so easy.

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